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Dickdawg is the gang slang equivalent for a male as to what a hoodrat gang slang is for a female. MEANING:An easy mark for a piece of ass. A known sexual player. Whether sleazy and high or high end they just like to have sex with a lot of people and are not picky in their preference.
1. I would have gone out with your friend but I heard he was a dickdawg. 2. If you want some action homie Anthony is the dickdawg all the hood rats go for and he loves to fuck. 3. I can't stand it when my boyfriend hangs out with his homies cuz their all a bunch of dickdawgs and the hood rats will fuck anybody. He says he doesn't but maybe he is just a big dick dawg digging all of those bitchez ditches too...
by MisguidedAngel June 23, 2011
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