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1. (Noun) A wanker or a Tosser.
2. (Verb) To bale out on someone.
3. (Adjective) Annoying.
4. (Exclamation) An exclamation often used with the term "united" after woulds.
1. Denzel: Oh you know Jem?

Minh: Yeh hes a bit of a dickshag init?
2. Jem: Oi you wanna catch up today?

Denzel: Nah can't soz big dog.

Jem: Seriously like ten people have dickshagged me today.

Denzel: Sorry that I always DickShag.
3. Minh: Mr Stephenson is a pretty crap teacher.

Denzel: Such a dickshag Teacher.
4. *Playing Soccer*

*Jem misses a shot*

by Brooksie1738 March 22, 2017
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