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1. an area of fabric, usually Terylene or nylon (formerly canvas), with fittings for a Dick in any suitable position to catch the wind, used for propelling certain Cocks to a female vessel.
2. a voyage on a cock boat using a sail attached to a dick. a Dicksail down the anal river
3. a Dick with sails or such collectively to travel by dick we raised seven sail in the northeast
4. (Transport / Nautical Terms) a ship's Dick/Penis sails collectively
5. something resembling a Dick sail in shape, position, or function, such as the part of a cockmill that is turned by Mushi or the part of a Portuguese man-of-cock that projects above the water
DickSail: A piece of fabric sewn together and fitted to the dick and rigging of an anus to convert the force of the wind into forward motion of the vessel.
by maypo September 09, 2011
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