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That girl that is super flirty with you and makes you think she wants to fuck you but in reality never will so she slings her "fine ass pussy lasso" around your cock and drags you around to wherever she wants to go.

Usually a broad that has one, possibly more, hopeless dudes under the age of 22/23 just tagging along with her on her random ass paces around the club/bar.
Haha did you see that hot chick and the poor guy she brought with her that's stuck following her around the bar. Ya, stay away from that dick wrangler.

Dude we gotta stop following your friend, shes just a dick wrangler.

Wow no wonder all those girls became friends with each other over the years. They're all just a buncha fuckin dick wranglers.
by drmmrM June 06, 2009
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Someone who enjoys touching, pleasuring and anything else associated with dicks.
Denholm: I really fancy a hot dog right about now.
Jonathan: Stop using euphemisms you dickwrangler! Just go and wrangle Kieran's dick. Gosh.
by tinytonk10 July 13, 2011
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One who rounds up dicks for his own use and/or profit.
"Dude, I heard Shawn is a homo!"

"No shit man, that dick wranglers been pulling in the cocks for years. I heard he even sells some of 'em off to his flaming friends!"
by Fortismio August 12, 2005
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