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When a person's stomach sticks out so far that it prevents the person from getting a squirrel tap.
Frank is so fat, his dick shield blocked my squirrel tap.
by Lord Christopher November 07, 2007
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Someone (usually a BFF) that helps drive away a guy who won't stop trying to score with their friend. On the outside, they are the biggest cockblock ever, but on the inside, they just want to shield their friend from unwanted dick.

*simply put, a reverse wingman with a talent for flawlessly pretending to have big-time cockblocking tendencies.
"Becky, can I watch your little one tonight? Robby is dropping off some things he bought me and I need a good reason to blow off his unwanted advances without looking like a jerk. If I'm holding a baby when he shows up, he'll surely leave in a hurry. I'll take good care of her and she'll be the best dick-shield ever."
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by spaceymaree September 11, 2018
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