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The gas that leaves a man's penis after having it filled with air from a bike pump.
Man, I've been letting out these dick winds all day after that pump off last night.
by skulldark May 20, 2009
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Whatever you want to to be.
See that girl over there, gave her the dick wind last night.
Damn, what's the smell/sound? Oh, that's the dick wind.
Last night was so awesome, I woke up this morning and got the dick wind.
Hey dude can I get some of that? Nah man get your own dick wind.
by FitzyFTW November 19, 2014
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The stench created by your balls/taint, then is projected upon your peers in a very unflattering manner.
My Persian girlfriend caught a whiff of my ferocious dick and decided she had better things to do.

A man jogged past Robert and Nick in the park and he had BAD Dick Wind. Damn bad.
by Dick Wind February 04, 2011
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