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A man who punchs his own dick in the belief that it will make it strong and virile, and also to assert dominance over ones own dick and to teach it who is boss.

The act of dick punching involves cupping the dick in one hand and punching down on it with the other. Usually some form of flavouring is poured on the dick prior to punching it. This may include (but not limited to) salt, pepper, tobasco sauce, "The Black Scot" whisky, etc.
Dude 1: Hey, WTF is Sam doing over there?
Dude 2: Oh that - he's a dick puncher
Dude 1: Why the fuck would you punch your own dick?
Dude 2: Fuck knows
by The_Black_Scot November 22, 2009
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a individual who frequently attacks or assaults the penile region. can be self inflicted.
i was asaulted last night by a dickpuncher when leaving the bar, he uppercutted my cock so hard i threw up!!
by fat nutz September 29, 2007
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