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" Dick me " means fuck me , we were using this word in our school these words has a story .
We were in a school trip and people was gathering in our room they fell asleep because it was too late , i said that i am homophobic do not sleep with me , then my friend said "dick me , penis me " with his bad english we cannot forget this , so me and my friends use the word "Dick me" for fuck me .
by Dick Me So Fukin Hard June 1, 2015
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Dick me is the word for a black man having sex with a asian girl that says dickme in the ass you big black chocolate bar i want u to shove your dick so far up my ass it would go to my mouth
Fuck me mason i want your big black coc in my fucking moth and my ass to create truffle butter DICK ME HORSE DADDy
by ugh2 April 21, 2017
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Basically, the male version of a pick me.

Dick Me's don't hesitate to bring up sex and dicks in the middle of unrelated conversations (and not for comedic effect either).
Jacob is such a dick me, my God.
by look behind you :) July 23, 2021
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the act of fucking a girl so hard she is unable to get out of bed the next morning
You dick me down just right baby!

Thats because we fucked for like 12 hours on acid girl.
by chas61974 November 7, 2010
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Alternative to Winn-dixie Supermarkets
If you follow this road it takes you right through the ghetto with a Winn-dick-me on the corner.
by G - $ July 1, 2006
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When you are overcum with emotion and don't know how to express yourself
Police officer: "You're under arrest for arsony while driving"

Me:"Dick me in the fucking face, Mr officer sir"

*Trump wins election*

by Rice master December 9, 2016
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