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" Dick me " means fuck me , we were using this word in our school these words has a story .
We were in a school trip and people was gathering in our room they fell asleep because it was too late , i said that i am homophobic do not sleep with me , then my friend said "dick me , penis me " with his bad english we cannot forget this , so me and my friends use the word "Dick me" for fuck me .
by Dick Me So Fukin Hard June 03, 2015
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Dick me is the word for a black man having sex with a asian girl that says dickme in the ass you big black chocolate bar i want u to shove your dick so far up my ass it would go to my mouth
Fuck me mason i want your big black coc in my fucking moth and my ass to create truffle butter DICK ME HORSE DADDy
by ugh2 April 21, 2017
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