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A drinking game created by two men of Theta Chi, David Altier and Jesse Diamond. It is played with Beer or any alcoholic beverage, shot glasses, and bottle caps. The object of the game is to bounce the caps against a table and into the shot glasses that should be placed on a table in the shape of a dick. 5-10 shot glasses can be used and this game can be played with as many people as possible with also as many bottle caps you have available. Here are the rules of the shot glasses: They should be put in the shape of a dick and there should be two or more glasses where you pick someone to drink 5 seconds, one where you drink 5 seconds, a shot glass where you pick someone to drink 10 seconds. And more added if you please.

This is a very chaotic game so play as long as you can, and remember to take some breaks!
Al: Hey Lois, have you heard of this new drinking game Dick Caps?
Lois: No, I haven't how do you play?
Al: Well its all about bouncing bottle caps into shot glasses and getting real fucked up, and FAST.
Lois: WOW! That seems like a great time, lets go get wasted and play Dick Caps!
by Roe Jeis February 03, 2011
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when you wake up in the morning after a night of fucking and you go to piss and the jizz has crusted over the head of your cock resulting in your piss spraying all over like a garden hose with your thunb over the opening
person one: " Hey bro, why the fuck did you piss all over the wall this morning?"

Person 2: "Fuck you, I had my dick cap on."
by Sonny Red October 19, 2006
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