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A diarrhoeatic is any food or drug which affects the excretory system, causing the afflicted to produce three or more liquid bowel movements in a given day-- a condition known commonly as Diarrhoea, or when your poop looks kind of like a smoothie made purely out of peanut butter and.... wet.
Keebler cheese crackers are a notoriously powerful diarrhoeatic, often found in workout facility vending machines and school cafeterias. Be particularly wary of crackers that may seem to have too much cracker and not enough cheese, as these are most likely expired and fully capable of causing dysentery, gangreen, a milder form of gangreen known in the local martian vernacular as gangblue, and any of a plethora of other deadly and sometimes alien and thus incurable ailments besides diarrhoea (obviously).

(Keebler crackers are widely believed to be made in outsourced factories on the planet Mars, where labor and towing services are cheaper.)
by Ronny P February 23, 2010
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