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A scale for rating girls' attractiveness that is less subjective than the traditional 1-10 scale. Referred to as the diamond scale because there are very few on the extremes and the vast majority in the center. Scale runs 1-5, from best to worst.

1= Unrealistically hot. Top .0001% of girls. Pretty much restricted to top-tier celebrities, not a term you can just throw around. You see only a handful of these in your lifetime.

2= Extemely attractive. No significant flaws, and close to universally desired. Top 1-2% of girls.

3- = Basically the girl in a group that is clearly more attractive than the others. Anyone definitely referred to as "hot", someone that people would go out of their way to get with. About 15-20% of girls.

3 = 60-70% of girls. All decent, but nothing out of the ordinary. Realistically, they're not really significantly better or worse than each other.

3+ = Not your first choice, but you'd go for it if inebriated or desperate. Most butterfaces fall into this category, except for a few that might climb into the 3 range. About as common as 3-'s.

4= Distinctly unattractive. Someone you would get made fun of at length and universally for getting with. Roughly as common as 2's.

5= Horrendous. You see these only very rarely, about as much as 1's. These go beyond the realm of "typical ugly", and usually require deformities or other highly unusual issues with their appearance.
"Dude, that chick over there. Diamond scale."
"No way, just a 3-. You don't just hand out 2's."
"True. 3-. Her friends are all 3's. Except for the butterface on the end, that's a 3+."

"Man, he got so drunk he actually got with that girl..."
"You've got to be kidding. She's a total 4."
by diamondscaleftw October 30, 2011
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