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To have chronic diahrea all in one sitting. Diahrea Bubbles are classified into 5 classes:
*Class 1: Regular diahrea that you normally take at in home facilities.
*Class 2: Enhanced regular diahrea, where you have to speedwalk into a facility and you don't care if it's in a public facility.
*Class 3: When there is a time limit of 5 minutes or lower until total fecal defecation.
*Class 4: When you have to literally release wherever you are standing after you feel the warning.
*Class 5: No one has ever lived to tell. It's the final 21 grams that leaves your body after you die.
"Dude....DB.....class 3..."
(Suggestion of running after this quote)

"Sorry that I couldn't come any sooner, boss. I had a diahrea bubble to take care of."
by Jake March 02, 2005
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