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A slum in Mumbai (Bombay) india, considered to be asia's largest slum, with a population of over 2 million people. It was the slum depicted in Danny Boyle' "Slumdog Millionaire"
Theyre evicting all the people from dharavi and destroying their houses to build new 40 story buildings, bloody globalization.
by serge2k January 22, 2009
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The slum-side of India's Mumbai. Some people believe that tourists and children have been missing on the south side of the slums. Dharavi is known as the Indian Bermuda Triangle. Nobody knows why so many people have gone missing around this area but critics say it is the sewers and the Xenoraptors that live there. Nothing is safe to say though.
Dean: 'Where do you lads wanna go for a lads holiday then?'
Melvin Gibbleson III: 'How about Dharavi? I heard it is a great tourist town!'
*They go to Dharavi* 3 days later they were never seen again. They were last seen shagging by the sewers.
by OllyMursFan79 August 04, 2018
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