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A guy who is friendly, ambitious, kind, smart, witty, compasionate, righeous, judicious and a great conversationalist. He may not have the best features or the sharpest jawline. But he has a smile that makes you want to listen, eyes that tell that things will be ok.He's someone you can rely on.
He's passionate about current affairs.He pushes you to do your best.
He's your rock, your pillar of strength but he's also the guy who might refuse to help you once in a while because he wants you to stumble upon your hidden untapped reservoir of strength. He doesn't get intimidated by your accomplishments but revels in them.
You're such a Devraj!!
by Lulooo January 17, 2018
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Devraj is a well endowed man who knows how to please women.

Devraj Men with gifted sex skills.
Devraj is a total stud who women love.
Devraj men who have a fantastic sex drive.
Devraj is the God of Sex.
Devraj is someone who has a great libido. He is an awesome lover. Women of all ages love him and want their men to be like him.
Devraj A Male athlete who is the best at hi sport.
Devraj is also known as Zeus.
Her - I had the best sex of my life.
Him - He must have been a Devraj.

Ann -I started dating a Devraj
Julie - Girl! Get ready for a big dick and the best sex of your life. Damn! You lucky. I wish I had me a Devraj.

Mike - Dude that guy has a huge cock.
Sarah - He must be a Devraj.

Jill - I am married to a very handsome man.
Megan - He must be a Devraj. I wish my husband was a Devraj
by TheEnglishProfessor January 24, 2018
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A prick who has a microdick. Devraj loves dick in his mouth. He is basically a man slut.
Your such a devraj!
by S.T.F.U June 20, 2017
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