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A racial slur towards a Satanist.

Satanism is believed to originated in 1637 in France by some depressed psychopath who hated everyone because he was annoying and worshiped the devil, and nobody liked him for that because they thought he was weird. One of the people who he hated the most was Richard Jean Japoiure, one of the king of france's high priests at the time.

The depressed psychopath hated him for stealing his wife from him, so he and 10 followers of his "club" tried killing Japoiure in his home, but failed, and the depressed psychopath was arrested and had his fucking head chopped off in front of everyone in the palace, along with 8 of his followers.

1 was killed while trying to flee the French Authorities and the other managed to escape to Spain where he started the entire religion of Satanism, and during the rituals and ceremonies, they would always curse Priest Richard Jean Japoire for the death of his beloved leader.
Some Satanist doode: I beleive in the devil

Some randome doode: IDC!

Some Satanist doode: I curse you to hell! Heil Satan!

Some randome doode: OMFG ur so annoying. u wonder why ur parents gave u up for adoption when u were little.

Some Satanist doode: I fucked ur momma in her hairy ass hole last night! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa whut naoo? >:D

Some randome doode: -.- Get the fuck away from me you DEVILRICKING peice of shit!

Some Satainist doode: U hurt my feelings. ):

Some randome doode: IDC. U wont leave me the fuck alone and then u wonder why nobody fucking likes you. GTFO away from me bitch.

Some Satainist doode: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
*listens to BVB and joins the BVB army*

Some Satainist doode (now turned into an emo poser): Im emo and im proud! BVB forever.

Some other randome doode walking down the street with his friend: -.- there goes another one

Some other randome doode walking down the street's friend: Jesus fucking christ! thats the 93rd one we've seen all day!
by PoopyPoopyPoopsALOT October 18, 2011
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