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Essentially another saying for the term(shit show).

However since that term is used so often, I figured it's just a fresh/not so used up way to say something is:

- utterly embarassing to witness or be apart of, shocking to see, unbelievable to the sane and sober, and or is down right fecked up, on and from all accounts involved in one way shape and form!

-People making asses of themselves------------>they are (deucen it up!)

-When you have to ask yourself (did that just happen?!?!?!) or simply state to yourself and those around you (holey shit!?!?!?)

-Perhaps if you ever have to use the acronym OMG or WTF-there's a 50/50 chance you can prescribe this term to the sentence that follows...
Jimmy explanes-Ya Joe it was crazy! Lance was deucen it up like no other last night! I think he ended up opening his pants, and puking in his shorts, right after he put his arm around that girl and offerd to go down on her?!?!?!

by sk8n2da November 02, 2010
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