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An expression of intention to murder someone.
A: My friend Jewel has received a dethreat recently.
B: What is 'dethreat'?
A: 'Dethreat' is a combination of two words: 'Death' + 'Threat'! It means a declaration of an intention or determination to murder someone.

B: I see! Is 'dethreat' a noun?

A: Yes!
B: What will be its verb form?
A: It is 'dethreaten'!
B: So, I can say that someone has dethreatened to murder your friend, right?
A: Yes, you can say that!
B: Who used 'dethreat' to express 'death threat' or the 'threat of death' in this way for the first time?
A: Md. Ziaul Haque, a poet, writer, songwriter and researcher from Bangladesh used it in his Haqueian Verse titled 'Dethreat'.
B: Thanks a lot my friend!
A: Welcome!
by Rajeeb2014 June 22, 2018
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