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a mixture of hard liquor and hawaiian punch. it consists of everclear, bacardi 151, wild turkey 100 proof, and triple sec. it has been named Dethpunch for the reason it has hospitalized many people and killed a few as well. something to be made for a bunch of people or for the alcoholic in you. do not drink a whole batch in a sitting yourself, it WILL kill you, hence the name. it should not taste like any of the above mentioned liquors or go down like any either. the effect will creep up on you, some will have a glass then quickly drink more because they dont feel anything. the lack of an A in the name was intentional because usually while drinking it, you spell it while texting, typing, etc.
scale for an idea of how many glasses of Dethpunch before probable certain death. if youre a lightweight, 5 glasses should have you visiting the hospital.

2 glasses- decent buzz.

3 glasses- shitfaced

4 glasses- questionable judgment on who you fuck, black outs, severe vomiting.

5 glasses- complete passing out

6 glasses- ER visit, get there....FAST.

7-10 glasses- stomach pumping, charcoal, and usually, death.
by 77/80 November 07, 2010
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