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Destonee (Destiny's how it's pronounced). If you see a girl like this you are to stay as far away from her as you can. Typically Destonees like to suck penis' for free as long as you even look at them. They also like to sleep around with boys with crabs and spread them around. This is for the boys, a Destonee is really easy to get. All you have to do is smile, say I love you and she'll drop her panties and get on her knees. Be aware though (And I have warned you), thuat Destonee type girls get very, very clingy and will search for you no matter what, even if the world ends. Be careful, they're contagious.
Boy- (turns and smiles at Destonee being polite).
Destonee- Omg he just smiled at me! Girl he wants me so bad I'mma go talk to him.
Boy- why the hell is she staring at me?
Boy2- Aye shorty that's Destonee, if you wanna happy ending then you better smile and say I love you because she's a dummy.
Boy- I love you Destonee.
Destonee- Let's go over my grandmother's house I got a surprise
by ThatGirl=)...You Know Who January 10, 2012
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