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Khuldoon’s prize possession. She is everything to him. If your name isn’t Khuldoon, fuck off. You should likely stay beyond 5 feet from her if you have a penis. If you do not, rumor is your penis gets chopped off. She is an absolute goddess accompanied by her god, Khuldoon. In ancient times, they fucked everywhere which is why they made it illegal for people to fuck publicly. Destiny’s booty is owned by Khuldoon. If you even stare, rumor is that Khuldoon’s face will pop up on each cheek. Don’t fuck with her, or else he will help you meet Michael Jackson. Meaning you’ll die.
Winston: My god, look at that ass!
Jordan: Watch your mouth, that’s Destiny Abbott.
Winston: Khuldoon’s woman?!
Jordan: Fucking right creep.
Winston: Spare me!!!!! I’m sorry!!!
by Destiny Abbott December 19, 2017
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