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A guy who will say or do anything and everything to get a girlfriend, usually not caring who it is. Often categorized by talking to as many girls as possible and acting interested in all of them until one actually shows interest back, at which time, they will immediately blow off all the others and shift their attention to the one person (this is rare, because they usually fail majorly at flirting). If they do manage a relationship, it usually will turn into an obsessive one, with them most likely telling their significant other that they love them within the first few weeks.

Can be compared to someone who is "pussy whipped", as these guys often will do anything to make themselves look better to a girl. Including lieing about themselves, putting the girl before his guy friends, and "cockblocking" others who the girl may show interest in.
Guy1:Did you hear that desparate douchebag Tim finally got a girl to like him?

Guy2: Really? How'd he manage that one?

Guy1: He told her that he loved her.

Guy: Wow, ya think that would just freak someone out?
by madskillz99 June 29, 2009
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