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Deshna is a girl who can light up the whole room just By seeing her amazing smile and great sense of humor. Every boy who sees Deshna stops, stares, and faints because they wish their girlfriend was as smart, beautiful, and smart as her. She is a sporty girl who has a lot of talent. She is an A+ student and has many friends. She welcomes people in her life with her outgoing sense of humor and down to earth personality. She has nice boobs and a gorgeous ass. When it comes to taking risk or needing advice, Deshna is the girl to go to. You can go to Deshna about everything and know she is a trustworthy person. She has a nice sense of style and knows how to work all the clothes she wears. She is very funny and laughs like the world depends on it. She has pretty hair and a gorgeous face and body. Any person who is able to even look at Deshna from far away is lucky to. She can be shy for a minute in the first time you meet her, but trust me when you pass those two minutes you will be having a balloon fight with paint in it. Deshna is the girl you can trust, talk to, and be crazy around because trust me she is a keeper.
You are the best friend just like a “Deshna”!
by don’t know June 17, 2018
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