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Dangerous disease, caused by excessive use of tea.
Symptoms: Often taking(too long) breakes for drinking tea tea, being obsessed by farming tea, other herbs, and trees.
Also listening alot Limp Bizkit, and being very unlucky (especially in video games) is very common by infected people.
However, there are also smaller side effects, like naming things(chat channels ect.) after their obsessions.
Unfortunately, there is no way to cure this disease, exept

When u got this disease, it's highly advised to look for a Derventio expert, such as a psychiatrist.
'You shouldn't drink that much tea my dear son, you don't want to get Derventio, do you?'

'Cor Blimey! Put your music volume down, that Limp Bizkit is ruining my ears, you've got Derventio or something?!'
by Ammer & Randy July 08, 2009
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