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A disorder in which an individual is abnormally obsessed with "Derp" and all related terms.

This disorder can bring harm, not only to the afflicted, but those close to the afflicted individual.
If the afflicted individual is left to his/her own devices for too long the effects can become irreversible
and lead to an apparent "possession" by the related terms in which "Derp" becomes all they know.

A cure is actively being pursued.

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Expert: "I'm sorry ma'am, but it appears as though your son has become a victim of Derpssession."

Concerned Parent: "What...what is that?! Is it life threatening?"

Expert: "No, actually it's not. I just found this on Urban Dictionary. Your son is fine."

Concerned Parent: "WHAT?! Your horrible! I'll see you in court!"

Expert: "You too! However, may I suggest reprimanding your son when he uses terms such as 'Derp'? This could lead to your son becoming a target of violence."
by Bracket January 06, 2014
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