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Is the observation that common socially acceptable behaviors, reactionary standards of dispute resolution, interests in higher learning and "self betterment" are on the sharp decline in America and some other country/states . Many Derpatologists agree; with the constant incline of the state of "Derp", lower I.Q's will follow at an equal or sharply worsening rate.
Very un-common to use in sentence structure, since it's not science just rhetoric at this point. But as a rudimentary example:

"Got my B.S. in Sociology. Served four years in Peace Core. Became a parole officer. Yada yada yada, later found my way into derpatology."
by Bob Dobbs IV June 04, 2013
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Derpatology, The scientific study of scene kids, whoppers and any other life form that contradicts themselves in so many ways. Basically idiots that cannot spell, use grammar or sentence structure properly and then insult other people on those pieces of the English language.
"My spelling is fine and so is my sentance structer. It is spelld correctly and a properly formed sentance. hos comment is invalid? Not mine."

One example that is studied for the logicality behind it in Derpatology
by TecK February 14, 2012
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