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1. Noun. Shortened form of Dermot Murnaghan - an English Devon-born news presenter associated with the BBC and Sky News.

2. Verb. To speak and (inadvertently or intentionally) put large amounts of emphasis on around half of the words.

//Dermaghan; Dermaghaner, Dermaghanist, Dermaghanise, Dermaghaning
1. Leticia: Who's that chap who did Eggheads?
Irving: Dermaghan...

2. Julius, the History teacher: Now TODAY CLASS we WILL be doing a STARTER to get us up and READY FOR work. You will HAVE TO GUESS which prominent HISTORICAL figure I AM. Ahem. "It IS true that LIBERTY is PRECIOUS; so precious THAT it MUST BE RATIONED."

Alice, sniggering to comrade: Geez Isla, was it the guy who baptised the baby off the Vicar of Dibley?
by Rebecca Rocker November 28, 2007
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