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A man named derico could have a big dick, be likable and charming amongst lots of women. Sometimes athletic but doesn't like a lot of people also a badass
He is very athletic he must be a derico
by Derico February 01, 2017
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A state of intense intoxication due to alcohol. Typical of someone who gets insanely pissed off a couple of pints.
"He was in a right derico last night, what a pisshead"
by Smell mike hunt October 05, 2011
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A Derico is a very sweet, honest and charming fellow. Has lots of friends and is good with the ladies. A Derico is a person you would dream of spending your life with. A sexual fellow is he, attracting all the ladies to him. A Derico would also be a great boyfriend/husband if you get to know him. A lot of people like him, but he is mostly with his closest. A Derico can also be athletic and comedic. He is always active and everyone around him is sure to have a great time. Also has a big penis, which brings him all the ladies.
I wish I could marry Derico!
I heard Derico is good in bed.
He is cute, is he a Derico?
He has a lot of friends, is that Derico?
by Derico November 02, 2017
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