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Card Game:
Everyone is dealt cards evenly, and everyone must flip over a card at the same time in a circle. If anyone has the same card you have to be the first to slap. If there is a joker, everyone has to slap. Last person takes all the cards in the pile. If there is no common card, the pile adds up. If you accidentally slap you take all the cards in the pile plus an extra card from each player.

There is only one person who counts to three for everyone to flip over the card.

Now for the mistakes...
If anyone makes a mistake that the majority believes is wrong, no matter if it's something they say or do they must take an extra card from each player.

The last two remaining players have to keep flipping until the same suit, number or joker show up, and the last to slap is declared loser.

If there is a tie slap, do best out of three rock, paper, scissors.

The loser must deal for everyone in the next game in less than 30 seconds. If they make a mistake dealing like flipping a card over, or past the time limit...for EACH mistake, that player must take a card from all the other players.

A game where losing is defined by the majority. And there are no winners, only losers.
Examples of Der Wei Game mistakes:

"Oh you flipped your card over too fast"

"You dropped your card on the floor"

"Lindsey Lohan is pregnant!"

(Joe): "Ryan you slapped the wrong card"
(Ryan): "No that was Fatima. That was a mistake!"
Joe - gets a card from each player
Fatima - gets the card pile
by Samfatkar September 02, 2009
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