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When you and your gf are about to do the smexy time, and you're very depressed because your life is shit. You decide to take out your problems on her, proceeding to fuck her while simultaneously making 9/11 jokes, such as: "Lemme put my plane in your tower"; "Explode for me baby" ; etc. You then start pounding her so hard that you could lift her up with your penis and make her jaw move as does a muppet's. She starts bleeding profusely and her appendix pulls out of her vagina like a magician's handkerchief. You then wake up in a graveyard on 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, realizing that you were high and fucking a dead body the entire time. You turn yourself in and go back to your depressed life... but in prison.
"Dude, did you really just fuck a dead body?!"
"No. I committed a Depressed Coffin Nemo Tower-Pounder Muppet Appendix Withdrawal."
"O-ok then."
by WhyTheCrapNot August 28, 2019
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