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Depositor's Choice relates to where a male's semen or a female's ejaculate squirt is deposited during willing and freely accepted dominate/submissive sexual activity. The dominate participant is the "Depositor" and the submissive participant is the "Receiver". With Depositor's Choice play, the dominate partner, without consultation or asking the submissive receiver, chooses which area of the submissive's body or orifice will receive the semen (if male) or squirt (if female) upon reaching their climax. The submissive willingly accepts the ejaculation and their feeding or plugging and the deposit where the Depositor sees fit. In some instances, the Depositor may ask if the Receiver liked it and if they want more and Depositor's Choice Play is repeated.

Depositor's Choice is the alternative to the Receiver's Choice.
During a hot and wild Dominate and Submissive sex session, Linda and was the willing receiver in Depositor's Choice play whereby her partner, Carl, ordered Linda to open her mouth right before he came and he deposited his hot load and blasted his man batter deep into her espophagus. She gobbled it up.
by Ben Dribblin March 14, 2014
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