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A leech-like creature normally associated with the military, but has been seen in other forms outside of the military. This creature can be seen in it's natural state normally in the Post or Base Exchange, usually in the food court area. Easy ways to identify the Dependopotamus are; being abnormally large, normally sloppily dressed, however some female versions will dressed in a manner that is highly unflattering to their size (clothes that are much smaller than what they should be wearing). Male Dependopotami are extremely rare, but do exist.
That man/chick is a Dependopotamus. Private Snuffy never has money because he/she is blowing it away on food and stupid stuff at the PX.
by SGT (C) Pezz January 18, 2011
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An obese military members wife. AKA, BMW (Big Military Wife)
The dependopotamus can often be found grazing at Burger King on any given military installation.
Why do Dependopotamuses have sex in the water? It's the only way to keep 400lbs. of p%$$* wet.
by Tdwg October 16, 2008
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