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"Dependence Day" is a term that is used mockingly to refer to England voting to leave the European Union on 24th June 2016. 48.1% of English voters voted to remain in the European union, however the majority of voters voted to leave, and the events of which are as yet uncertain, further complicated by remaining countries in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, voting to remain in the European Union.

The term "Dependence Day" was coined as a parody of politician Nigel Farage's statement that "it (leaving the European union) will be like our independence day".

Many people feel as though this was a bad decision, and will require help from outside sources in order to resolve any issues, hence being "dependent".

Further issue was taken when it was revealed that Farage had gone back on his claim that "£350 million would be donated to the NHS per week if the leave campaign was successful". He claimed that this was a "mistake" and this caused uproar with voters and opposition alike.

The strength of the pound coin and other European currencies took a significant blow as a result of leaving the European Union, further causing speculation that England would require outside interference
"Hey are you gonna party on Dependance Day?"

"Yeah! The bass'll drop harder than our economy"
by ProfessorMelonHead June 24, 2016
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