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to urinate in a bottle, can or other receptacle that is not normally used as a toilet
I was on this really long road trip, no bathrooms in sight so I had to Depardieu into a sippy cup. Je veux pisser!!
by nipher August 18, 2011
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is when someone cannot wait to pee.

Expression came when french actor Gerard Depardieu boarded on plane and wanted to pee. The hostess asked G. Depardieu to patiently wait for the plane to take off before, he can get to the toilet. But Depardieu, did not wait. He just peed in a bottle that was overflowed. The french actor was kicked out of the plane after this incident.
Johnny:I got to Depardieu.
Johny: This is an urgency, that means that i can no longer hold my pee.
Stephen: Do not pee in my car!!!
by kuroMachin August 21, 2011
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Urinating in a drunken haze in a location that was not intended for peeing. often followed by a ridiculous cover-up story once sobriety is reached.
I'm totally gonna Depardieu off the balcony.

Dude was drunk as hell last night. I think he Depardieu 'd in your closet.

(caught in the act) What the hell are you Depardieu -ing?

q: who peed in the flower pot last night?
a: i think ___name____ Depardieu -dit
by Depardieu-done-didit August 23, 2011
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