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A form of domination in which you, by yourself or with a team, dominate someone(s) or something else so badly in any sporting event, video game, office contest, schoolwork, or relative bragging rights situation that you establish yourself or your team on a much greater level than your opponent(s). Not only have you dominated the opposition, you have relegated them and made it very clear that you, by yourself or with your comrades, are vastly greater than them at the said event. Essentially, you are way out of their league, and you have rightly put them in their place, possibly and preferably by humiliating them as well.

To establish a vast difference in class between two opposing sides, through overwhelming skill that glorifies the winners and humiliates the losers.

Variations of "denomination" include "denominate", "denominated", and "denominating". It is also encouraged to celebrate any act of "denomination" by taunting your opposition with denomination's appropriate abbreviated term, "deez-nuts".
In the locker room before a baseball game.

"Are you guys ready for some denomination?"

At school.--
"Wanna go grab some lunch?"
"Maybe in a little bit. I've got to denominate this Calculus Exam first".

Hanging with your buddies
"Dude, I just denominated you in some COD".

Playing any video game online
"Dude, wanna go over to Mark's house for a bit"
"Not now chief, I'm in the fucking zone. I'm denominating some noobs right now".

After scoring the winning touchdown in the game, taunting the opposition.
by Stark24 December 31, 2009
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