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1. Denagy;(den-a-gee);noun - The word Denagy has become synonymous with beastiality of the feline nature. This has led many experts to believe that Denagy himself may have been involved in feline raping despite his continual denial of such acts. A person who fornicates with cats.

2. denagy;(den-a-gee);adjective - The word Denagy has also become synonymous with the word drama, and eventually led to the birth of a new word that many experts see as a word which will soon take over the teen pop culture world. Dramagy.
1. Though it appeared as if there would be an acquittal, the young man was found guilty of being a Denagy.

2. “Just stop it Katherine! I’m so sick of your denagy ways! Just get over me already cause I’m the best and you’re nothing.”
by Denagy January 30, 2006
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