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Pronounced: d-em-six or dem-six

1. n.
A map on the, relatively, popular Quake series; dm6
It is known as "The Dark Zone"
Seen on: Quake 3, Quake 4 and Quake Live

2. n./adj.
Synonym for "retard"

3. n./adj.
A person who thinks (s)he's hot shit, the dogs bollocks, the bee's knees, the dog's body etc... But really (s)he's just a bitch
(S)He thinks (s)he has mad skills and goes hard, but really (s)he's just a bitch
(S)He think's (s)he's a master of the culinary arts, Iron Chef or Aiur Chef but really (s)he's just a bitch
(S)He thinks that (s)he is ghetto/black when really (s)he is as pale as milk with extra milk and they are just a bitch.
In short: A person who is nothing more than a bitch.
It's a map

Look at that demsix, he thinks 1+1=3, how cute!
You are such a demsix
Stop being a demsix
Bunch of demsixes
If your intelligence quotient (IQ) is below 50; you are a demsix
Hey demsix

A: OMG I just cooked Keftedes to perfection! I am a master of the culinary arts! You can call me Aiur Chef.
B: I'll call you Demsix because you're just a bitch

Demsix: Why am I so good and you're perma-bad?
Rizeh: Shut up mate, you're just a bitch
by rzhhhh November 13, 2011
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