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A typically white male voter over the age of 50 who lives in the South or a border state. This voter voted Democratic either because they agreed with significant chunks of the pre-2004 Democratic platform, or out of tradition (my Daddy voted Democrat, and my grandpappy voted Democrat!). However, as the Democratic Party on the national level moved further to the left in the 2000s, especially on cultural and environmental issues, the Demosaur felt more out of place in the Democratic Party and started voting Republican.

However, this type of voter is still open to voting for Democrats on a statewide and/or local level.
Person #1: I'm voting for Trump in 2016! Hillary called me a gun-toting Deplorable because I'm white, male, rural, and Southern! I sure as Hell don't want nothin' to do with them Democrats no more! I'm going to help North Carolina go red for Trump and #MAGA!

Person #2: Okay, but who will you be voting for governor?

Person #1: Roy Cooper! Yeah, he's a Democrat, but he's got those down home roots from here in Nash County!

Person #1 is your typical Demosaur.
by jdgrad September 03, 2017
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