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Ancient and powerful beings who are part demon and part god, spawns of Demonowrath, they deal with dark magic and souls. (Demonigod Mythology). Most of them are good, others would KILL to get their hands on a human soul. All are immortal and wicked awesome. These include:
- The Necromancer (Demonigod)
- The Infearnomancer (Demonigod)
- Grand Master Darcnuss (Demonigod)
- The Pyromancer (Demonigod)
- The Hydromancer (Demonigod)
- The Technomancer (Demonigod)
- The Digimancer (Demonigod)
- Angelo (Demonigod)
- The Cryomancer (Demonigod)
- The Fallen One (Demonigod)
- Demonowrath, Cosmowrath, Chaotowrath
- The Electromancer (Demonigod)
- The Terramancer (Demonigod)
- The Aeromancer (Demonigod)
Humanity declared war on them, the humans were victorious. They sent each and every Demonigod into hiding.
by TheNecromancer981 June 25, 2018
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