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Is a Leftest/Marxist who in a member of the Democratic Party who supports the belief that everyone should have an equal outcome no matter what choices they make or how responsible they are for their own actions. They also typically live in a psychosis where they belive that Marxism can lead to happiness and equal outcomes in a happy place (fields of Dystopia) where the toiling masses can be led by a figure such as Pol Pot.
So this Demoncretin who works in my office comes in all upset.

I ask him; what's wrong?

He says; It's not fair.

I say; What's not fair?

He says; The NBA is discriminating against me.

I say; How's that?

He says; I am only 5'3" tall, Michael Jordan is 6'9", I make only $17k a year and he makes millions, The Government should do something. It's not social justice!

I say: What can the Government do?

He says; I dunno, maybe they could cut some of his legs off and graft them onto mine, that way we could be more equal!

I say; Get away from me creep, you sound just like all the rest of the Demoncretins.

He says: you are a racist and a bigot.
by John Bapthist Say April 27, 2011
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