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The girl lays on the floor belly down. Then, the guy, standing, facing her feet, grabs her ankles and does a knee bending thrust and pulls her upward demon dropping into her vagina.
I demon dropped this bitch last night striaght to hell!
by Debo Hetz Mania February 07, 2007
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Basically... during sex when a girl is on the top... she can tease the guys penis by raisin her hips up enough and pulling her self up just enough so that the tip of his penis is barely inside.. goin up and down very slowly maybe a half an inch at a time. then holding at the top for about 20 seconds then coming down fast and hard. but not hard enought to hurt anyone but hard enought to feel good.
"damn gurl, you do that demon drop one more time. imma bust one real quick"
by Alyxandria September 30, 2006
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