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An extremely beautiful or gorgeous demisexual person (who biologically is a woman or a person who identifies as a female/woman) who has qualities similar to that of a goddess .
A Mortal woman who can literally have ANYONE she wants... but she DOES NOT because she believes in establishing a strong emotional romantic bond or connection first & has morals .

A “DemiGoddess” can be heterosexual or LGBTQ, etc. but always identifies as a demisexual hence the name “Demi” Goddess.
The main characteristic of a “DemiGoddess” is that they are only romantically involved with ONE person at a time. Intimacy is sacred to them.
A “DemiGoddess” would give anything (literally anything) for the ONE person that they have chosen to be with. They are extremely loyal. Often they come off as being a tease or prude because of the way they look combined with their strong stand on monogamy .
“DemiGoddesses” tend to be in long-term relationships or none at all. There is no “in between” area for a DemiGoddess; no friends with benefits & no random hook-ups (though they are mortal/human & do make mistakes, occasionally...)

Money & Things DO NOT & WILL NOT EVER impress A True DemiGoddess.

*Enigmas. Diamonds In The Rough. A Rarity.

*See the definition of demisexual to fully understand usage.
Mara is absolutely beautiful & talented. She only dates Tom & tells all the other guys to F* Off! She could have any man she wants & yet she does NOT! What a DemiGoddess!

Amy COULD have been a DemiGoddess, but she chooses to pop Xanax, party & sleep around with F*boys instead... what a shame...

Victoria is a “Cam Model” . She shows strange men her entire body for money & sleeps around so she doesn’t have to “work” . Victoria is NOT a DemiGoddess....

Jack & Don’s Conversation:

“Amanda must be one of those damn DemiGoddesses! I’ve been trying to get her to sleep with me! I’ve tried everything, including emptying my savings account to impress her, but she just won’t leave her husband of 18 years - stupid-ass Gregory - to sleep with me!” said Jack.

“You are a moron, Jack” said Don “...and you ARE right! Amanda IS a DemiGoddess. A Smart, beautiful DemiGoddess & you DON’T DESERVE HER!”
by WickedHellamean November 12, 2018
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Dude1: Kiki is a demigoddess!

Dude2: yes, kiki is a demigoddess.
by Kikico April 02, 2017
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