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Noun. A Demetreus is a man of many qualities. He is sagacious, intelligent, and determined. He is loved by many for his outgoing personality, that tends to draw people in of all sorts. He has a unique humor that many do not understand. Although he is usually quite muscular and intimidating, on the inside, he essentially a big sweetheart and knows how to make his girlfriend- or any other partner smile very big. He has a talent for making people feel special and loved. Some of his common talents include talking in public, playing rough sports (football, rugby, wrestling), playing an instrument (such as the ukulele) and making people laugh. A Demetreus is an easy to love, occasionally intimidating guy that gives a friendly vibe to anyone he meets- as long as they don't get in his way.
"Woah Dude, Demetreus is really good at football!"

"I know, I also heard he makes awesome soup!"
by SoupLover February 24, 2014
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A man of usually European decent; usually very wealthy, handsome, charming, and abnormally sweet.

Demetreus's are ALWAYS phenominal in bed and ridiculously well hung. They have a broad sense of humor and excellent fashion sense.
Demetreus's usually have the uncanny ability to seduce just about anyone they want to. Women, men...whatever they like. However, they arent usually in steady relationships long. Demetreus's love to travel and can't afford to be held down.
Cindy: Damn.....that was a good looking guy you were with?

Chealse: I know! He's rich, owns a LAMBO, and you wouldn't believe how amazing he is in bed!

Donna: Isn't that Demetreus?

Chealse: How would you know?

Donna: I slept with him....
by Lambier July 18, 2010
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