A group of girls with a ride or die nature. Young ladies or women who thrive together no matter how different their individual qualities. A gathering of females who strike fear into every man within 20 feet of said gathering, because they tear it up so much
Dem girls tore up the beach so hard, everyone had to leave because there wasn’t any fun left there
by Bitchwithabigbrain June 18, 2020
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when a social media user posts a tweet or instagram photo that they anticipate will go viral, however, They are shortly let down by the lack of attention or trendiness received after their post.

Trinidadian-born American female singer-rapper Nicki Minaj opened up the 2015 MTV VMA's with her-then latest single Trini Dem Girls from her 2014 release, The Pinkprint. However, the song sparked absolutely no commercial success on the iTunes Charts or radio airplay. Despite having the stage presence of superstar Taylor Swift, the song failed to crack the American Billboard Hot 100 or Bubbling Under charts following its exposure at the MTV VMA's.
A popular twitter user posts a tweet that they think will go viral
Twitter user: *gets less than 100 retweets the day after*
Twitter user: "Oh no, I guess this tweet is my Trini Dem Girls."
by Iggysnumberones November 22, 2016
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Random phrase, very popular in middle/high school. Founded by Claudia Ritzker :)
*Goes up to girl*

G1:Want some barbacue sauce with 'dem wings, girl?
G1: hahhaha ;)
by Sexy_Beast97 June 24, 2011
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