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The mistaken belief that one is still "technically" a virgin, despite having engaged in activity that is medically defined as sexual intercourse. This delusion can be caused by either denial or misinformation regarding what sexual intercourse actually is.

This delusion is most common amongst females, but is sometimes observed in males. Usually, a strong sense of regret, anxiety, or religious obligation leads the individual or individuals to invent excuses (either before or after the act of sex) that redefine their activity as something that doesn't quite constitute sex.

Common excuses include, but are not limited to:

-If the male did not ejaculate, or if he "pulled out"
-If the female also did not reach orgasm
-If the length of the intercourse was less than a given amount of time
-If only the tip of the penis was inserted as "experimentation"
-If one or both of the individuals was intoxicated and "was not making good judgments"

Some incidences of denial are so extreme that the individual will afterward claim that he or she was raped, when in reality the sex was consensual, in order to remove themselves from the responsibility of having lost their virginity.
~ "I feel sort of bad for Miranda, she was so drunk when she lost her virginity that she hardly remembers it. She even told me that she didn't actually have sex with that guy."

~"No, she definitely slept with him, she has serious delusions of virginity."
by PyrgusMalvae January 17, 2010
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