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At short, a walking punch-line. A Delooff will mingle with unfamiliar people and brag about being a spec-ops civil affairs clerk, but forget to leave out important details such as being a frail, mentally handicapped soldier paired with tourette syndrome, whom cracks under the slightest pressure and is completely incapable of following simple directions. A Delooff will talk unrelentingly about his past accomplishments that have never happened, in fact the more you find out about a Delooff the more you will realize that he holds no credibility whatsoever, as he fumbles virtually everything he is tasked to do. A Delooff will refuse to acknowledge the fact that his wife is cheating on him and has birthed another man's child, thinking it's his own. At first impression many will be under the deception that a Delooff is a competent soldier, but under further exposure will come to see he bears an IQ similar to a cinder block. Continued exposure to a Delooff may cause (but not limited to) the following; nausea, irritability, impotence, brain aneurysm, and male-pattern baldness. Please forward to all who may risk exposure to a Delooff
Matt: "See that guy over there sniffing his fingers? That moron is only good for 2 things. No good and good for nothing."

Steve: "So in other words he's a Delooff?"
by Sticky Pillow October 20, 2010
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