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A genuinely handsome masterpiece that thrives in intellegence and style.
There lacks a healthy number of Delontès in the world nowadays
by DiscreetDanny April 24, 2017
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A cute ass nigga dont fuck wut him he will fuck u up iff no funny shit all he do is wheelie stay bout hus love ones
People-oh shit there go Delonte!
Girls-Ahh here comes delonte cute ass😍
by #Lynneshacutie June 03, 2018
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He is a dope soul; down to earth, creative and outgoing.

Speaks his mind without fearing consequence.
Fearful, yet courageous against anything that stands against him. Leaves a stain; once you meet him, you'll never forget him and will crave his vibes.
Nicest person you'll ever meet, despise his outter appearence; loves everyone and everything.
But to get on his bad side would reveal the demon that hides inside him.
A man of many talents and a rare breed, once you find him, keep him. Youll never find another.
I need a Delonte in my life.
by Trill Nigga Savage June 18, 2018
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