Code for trying to get it in with an uderaged child
Creeper: "Hey, i need your help delivering the pizza and i dont know where this street is!"
Victim: "Go down this street until you..."
Creeper: "Well I'll give you a ride to wherever you need and a couple bucks, too!"
Victim: "Uhmm.. No not today you pedophile!!!"
by tom pickle February 25, 2011
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Another stupid term designating vomit, emesis, technicolor yawn, or barfing.
Damn, Frank got so fucked up the other night he had to deliver street pizza on his girlfriend's bird bath. Now the birds don't come by anymore. Frank is such an imbecile!
by Frank Klaune June 24, 2006
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Working an unskilled (or less skilled) job to make ends meet or because you are unable to get work in your career. (Any job less prestigious than your career counts, but it must be a non-career job.)
He's having a hard time finding work as an engineer so he's delivering pizza.

I hear your husband is out of work. Is he delivering pizza?

I teach high school, but to make ends meet I also deliver pizza.
by tFool2 November 29, 2010
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