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Delaney-Rose, a great friend. She is always joyful and can never stay mad. Though, she will get angry, then stay angry because she was angry! She is a natural born trouble solver and will help if you need counseling. She loves kids and water. She will be a doctor who and Harry potter addict. Kids shows are also a possibility. Delaney-Rose can hold a grudge, but in the end, even if it was all you, she will still apologize. She will rant if something upsets her. Delaney-Rose loves being a part of things! She will open up her heart to you, but never trust you again if you do something to loose it. Delaney-Rose will always do the right thing in the end, always. She is always off in her own land thinking of imaginary things, but she is also very descriptive and scientific. She flirts a lot, but cannot stand to break anyone's heart. She will cry with you and always be loyal. She will blossom, and shine.
That girl is so kind, she helped me through my breakup
She is a real Delaney-Rose!
by My one love44 January 17, 2014
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