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A secret couple on the show Naruto that hide their love at the risk of being killed by Pein. Deidara's very protective of Konan, and Konan acts like she doesn't care, but has something behind her.

These two are always standing next to eachother, and often appear together, beside eachother in drawings by Massashi Kishimoto himself. They're such an opposing couple that they match, at one point in the anime Deidara was looking over at her, she was looking back.

Some sudgest that Konan loves Pein, however some stats show they they could be very well related, or just partners. Otherwise, people do believe Pein would be jealous in any case of another loving Konan, hence seceret lovers.

Also a popular couple on dA And Youtube, many amvs have been made,there's even a fan club.

refered to as: deiko deidaraXkonan, Deikona, deikon, deikonan, deiXkon, kondei etc.

Out of all the pairings with Akatsuki and Konan, this one seems most probable, other than perhaps Peinkonan.

DeidaraKonan is suspected to be a canon couple, for better or for worse.
"My OTP is deikonan!"
"Deidara should be with Konan, he looks better with her"
"KonanXDeidara 4e"
"Konan's art..."
"I like KonanPein, but my favorite is Deikonan"
"This...Is... Deikonan!"
by deikonan February 13, 2009
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