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A usually petite girl That has small tits and she's usually a brunette, luckily because she would blow up any blonde who comes her way. She loves with everything she has and it always ends up biting her in the ass later on. She is one of the greatest friends anyone could ask for because she is always willing to do anything for anyone and she's always there for advice on support. Although she has many good qualities you should watch out because once your on her bad side she will attack you. Also has a short anger fuse which is when you should run because her attitude takes over! She's an incredible person none the less.
Max: why are you being such a Dehlia, just stop talking or we're going to get hurt

She's going to go all Dehlia on your ass

Thanks for being such a good friend, you're such a Dehlia
by Creekyfreak156 October 22, 2013
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dehlias are usually tall, and have brown hair. she's very smart, but sometimes doubts herself, which she should stop doing. she hates lots of people, and will shove down anyone in her way, although they'll shove her back, then all hell breaks loose. she is an amazing friend because she'll make you laugh at super serious times, she'll laugh at you when you fall on your ass, but of course she'll help you up, and she's wiling to do anything for you, whether it's legal or not, and gives the best advice for anything. if you ever get on her bad side- or you give her a bad look- she will attack. she as a HUGE attitude towards people, even if you're her friend. overall she's a great person and a stupendous friend :)
elena: shut the fuck up or i will go all dehlia on your ass

enough with the attitude already! god. . .you're a total dehlia
by sage :) November 27, 2018
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